Sesame Diaries by Apoorva Vijaywargiya

Bio: Hello my lovely readers! I am Apoorva Vijaywargiya, a New Delhi based Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. I am a Delhi University & NIFT product! I live on the ideology that, Fashion is not just about wearing a pretty dress or putting a high-end perfume; it is beyond that. It is about how one carries themselves and an essential building block to portraying one’s personality. I always knew I had a creative streak within me and my inclination towards the different aspects of the fashion and beauty industry continuously evolved and strengthened through my initial interest, followed by thorough research. It wasn’t too long before I realized that my interest for this industry was not just an interest but a passion. I am the Founder of http://www.sesamethestylestudio.com, an online high-street women's wear label. All the products are personally curated by me. Till date, our label has been successfully catering clients from throughout the country and has a loyal customer base. Sesame Diaries, has been recently started which is an extension to my personal style, where I share with you all my love for fashion, how I style my looks, my street & high-street shopping spree experiences, trends that inpire me, DIY's, travel adventures, and so on! I hope you all love reading this blog! 🙂 Cheers!! Apoorva 🙂 You can follow the blog on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For business enquiries, feel free to write to me at sesamediaries@gmail.com

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